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Is a smart family meet a Smart Times Event?

The smart family meet is a continuation of the iconic and biggest international event called Smart Times. However, it’s not fully funded by smart company anymore. Smart family meet it’s a new form run by independent national smart clubs and only partly supported by smart company.
We are enthusiasts of the brand and we would like to do our best to give you the most of the meet, keep you happy and making sure that you enjoy the event.

Smart family meet 2022 is planned for the mid-summer time, when the nature is blooming and giving us the best.

The 1st pre event will be in Goerlitz /Germany, the 2nd pre event in Liberec /Czech Republik.

The Main Event will be held on parking Hotel Mercure of Jelenia Góra.


The organizers of 2022 Smart Gathering are three Smart Clubs:

From Poland: Smart Klub Polska

From Czech Republic: Smart Autoclub

From Germany: Smartclub Smartmelodie

We will do our best, to prepare the Meeting at the high level – to entertain and satisfy all our participants