The event organizer is:

The Smart club Poland association (hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer”).
The regulations are issued by the organizer of the recreation and exhibition event under the name:
Smart family meet 2022 which will take place on 04th-07th August 2022 in Jelenia Góra (58-500) at
the Aeroclub Jeleniogórski airport – at ul. Wincentego Pola. (hereinafter referred to as “the Party”),
·0 The Regulations are addressed to all persons who will stay in the area where the Event is held during the Event. Every person staying in this area during the Event is obliged to comply with the provisions of these Regulations.
·1 The event is of a recreational and exhibition nature.
·2 The purpose of the Regulations is to ensure the safety of the Event by defining the rules of behaviour of persons present at the Event and their use of the area where the Event is held, as well as the devices located on it, as well as regulating the rights and obligations of the participants of the Event.
All persons present at the event are obliged to:
·3 Behave in accordance with the rules of the event and applicable regulations, including fire safety regulations, to comply with the organizer’s and security services instructions.
·4 Use the equipment at the rally area for its intended purpose,
·5 Do not enter areas that are not allowed to spectators (service rooms)
·6 Notify the security service at the event of threats to public security and order.
·7 Report all accidents and damages to security services.
·8 In case of danger, immediately go to the emergency exits.
·9 Detailed rules of conduct of event participants in the event of evacuation will be made public from the stage in the form of messages.
The event area will be open to the public from August 4th to 8th, 2022 at the following times:

04.08.2022 – from 16:00 to 22:00,

05.08.2022 – from 08:00 to 00:00,

06.08.2022 – from 08:00 to 00:00,

07.08.2022 – from 08:00 to 15:00.

·10 In order to allow free movement around the rally, an identification band will be worn at the entrance of each adult to authorize them to be in authorized places on the rally.
·11 The band for the audience, in the colour set by the organizer, is valid only on the day of putting it on at the given day. In order to maintain order and improve the organization of the rally, the above procedure is repeated every day of the rally.
·12 The audience will be able to enter the rally the next day upon presentation of a new band binding on that day.
·13 The Event Organizer may refuse people entry to the Event: Under the visible influence of alcohol, narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs or other similar agents, possessing weapons or other dangerous objects, materials, products, beverages, products or substances considered dangerous (it is the responsibility of the Security Service to assess items as dangerous)
·14 Behaving aggressively, provocatively, or otherwise posing a threat to the safety or order of the Event.
·15 Outside the hours indicated in point 1 par. III, unauthorized persons are not allowed to enter the rally.
·16 It is forbidden for persons participating into the Event to bring and possess weapons or other dangerous objects, explosives, pyrotechnic articles, fire hazardous materials, alcoholic beverages, intoxicants or psychotropic substances.
·17 It may be ordered forfeiture of the items listed in point 7, even if they were not the property of the perpetrator.
·18 Persons with a dog without a muzzle are not allowed to enter the event area. The dog’s guardian should have a droppings bag. In the event of animal contamination of the party area, the dog’s guardian must clean it up immediately.
·20 Every person present at the Event has the right to participate in all competitions – carried out during its duration, provided that it meets their conditions determined each time by the person conducting the given competition.
·22 The organizer ensures the safety of those present at the Event and order during the Event, through, among others:
·23 Order Service distinguished by clothing items;
·24 Providing medical assistance and hygiene and sanitary facilities;
·25 Co-organizers and subcontractors are required to have a valid liability insurance policy.
·26 Co-organizers, subcontractors and their subcontractors and participants are responsible for their subcontractors.
·27 Event participants and all other persons who are in the Event Area are obliged to follow the orders of the Police. Minors participating in the Event under the sole responsibility of the persons who supervise them.
·28 Event Participants and all other persons who are on the Event Area are obliged to behave in a manner that does not endanger the safety of other people present at the Event, and in particular to comply with the provisions of the Regulations.
·29 There is a speed limit of 5 km / h at the event site. It is prohibited to carry out the activities listed below under the threat of removal from the event area:
·30 It is forbidden to conduct any promotional, commercial or other gainful activity on the Event Venue without the Organizer’s authorization.
·31 It is forbidden to use open fire in any form at the rally, including firing up: bonfires, grills, gas burners etc. the ban does not apply on the premises of gastronomic points authorized by the organizer. Persons who do not comply with this point will be immediately removed from the rally area.
·32 it is forbidden to bring and consume alcoholic beverages bought outside the catering establishments authorized by the Organizer. Persons bringing alcoholic beverages to the event area will be asked to leave them outside the event area. Security has the right to verify the contents of packages brought to the event site.
·33 It is forbidden to destroy signs and information boards, advertising media, devices and equipment located on the premises of the Event, including vehicles of participants and organizers, etc.
·34 It is forbidden to drive around the rally in motor vehicles except roads marked by the organizer.
·35 Driving under the influence of alcohol is strictly forbidden. Any attempt to start a motor vehicle by a person under the influence of alcohol will result in an immediate call to the Police. This applies when a person is a drunk.
·36 It is forbidden to: park outside designated places, dangerous vehicle manoeuvres, “burning rubber” and drift except for the designated place, ride on the roof, bonnet or trunk of the vehicle, play loud music and “shoot at the crowd”.
·37 Photographing and filming with the intention of subsequent use requires the consent of the organizer.
·38 The organizer reserves the exclusive right to use and distribute to the persons staying at the rally all identification elements, such as identifiers, wristbands, lanyards, etc.
·39 The organizer reserves the right to confiscate unauthorized identification elements to persons who use them.
·40 Persons using unauthorized identification elements will be told by the Police to leave the rally area.
·41 The organizer informs that the event will be recorded: image and sound by photo and video techniques. The organizer is entitled to record the course of the Event, in particular the behaviour of people, using video and sound recording devices. Entering the Event area is tantamount to agreeing to register your image and your vehicle / motorcycle, including allowing them to be used for outdoor photography with the possibility of using them in all fields of use.
·42 The materials collected during recording the course of the event, which may constitute evidence enabling the initiation of criminal proceedings or proceedings in cases of offenses or evidence that may be relevant for such proceedings, are immediately forwarded by the organizer to the district prosecutor competent for the place of the event or the territorial competent commander of the Police, if necessary, with a request to initiate criminal proceedings or with a request for punishment, unless he himself notifies about the crime or applies for punishment in cases of misconduct.
·43 Order Service, holding an identifier placed in a visible place, are entitled to:
·44 Identification of persons in order to establish their identity,
·45 Controlling identification elements of people staying at the Event,
·46 Browsing the contents of luggage, clothing of persons, in case of suspicion that these persons bring or possess the items referred to in point 5 par III of these Regulations,
·47 Issuing order orders to persons disrupting public order or behaving contrary to the rules of the Event, and in the event of failure to comply with these instructions – to call them to leave the Event;
·48 The use of physical force in the form of incapacitating tricks and similar defence techniques in the event of a threat to the goods entrusted to protection or repelling an attack on a member of the Security Services or another person, on the principles set out in art. 38 of the Act of August 22, 1997 on the protection of persons and property (Journal of Laws No. 114, item 740, as amended),
·49 Apprehending persons who pose a direct threat to human life or health, as well as protected property, for immediate transmission to the Police.
·50 In the case of finding in the contents of the reviewed luggage or clothing, weapons or other dangerous items, alcoholic beverages, explosives, pyrotechnics and fire hazardous substances, and narcotic and psychotropic substances, a member of the Order Service shall apprehend the person in whom the items or luggage were found upon their receipt, he prepares a report on this activity, and then passes that person to the Police along with the items received.
·51 The event organizer is not responsible for any damage to health and life of persons participating in fitness competitions held during the event. Persons participating in the abovementioned competitions and any other activities they undertake at the event, do so solely at their own risk. The event organizer is not responsible for any damage to health and life of persons resulting from violation of the rules.
·52 It is forbidden to leave any items unattended, including luggage or other property. The organizer does not bear any responsibility for items left at the rally, including in vehicles at the rally.
·53 It is forbidden to bring a tow truck to the rally area, except for the written permission of the organizer.
·54 It is forbidden to enter and bring bicycles and other similar bikes to the rally area.
·56 The organizer reserves the right to determine and change the course of the Event for justified reasons, e.g. cancellation of the artist’s arrival, force majeure, etc., as well as the right to determine and change the program in terms of artistic and time.
·57 Event participants are required to comply with generally applicable laws:
·58 Fire
·59 Cleaning
·60 Road traffic
·61 Event participants have the right to use:
·62 Any places and devices made available to the public,
·63Medical care in case of sudden illness or accident
·64 Help event organizers and law enforcement in unforeseen situations.
All complaints must be submitted in writing at the latest within 7 days from the end of the Event to the following correspondence address of the Organizer: Smart club Poland Ul. Leśna 44c 05-501 Łoziska, MAZOWIECKIE.
The organizer recognizes complaints submitted in accordance with point 1 within 21 days of their delivery to the Organizer by registered mail. The claimant must have proof of posting a registered letter.
·65 All rights to the Event name, logo, graphic, audio and television materials are reserved to the Organizer.
·66 The organizer is not responsible for the effects of force majeure.
·67 Force Majeure is an event that is beyond the control of the Organizer, which makes the performance of the obligations impossible or that it may be considered impossible due to the circumstances.
·68 Force Majeure is in particular: atmospheric conditions, breakdowns or disturbances in the operation of devices supplying electricity, heat, light, warfare or actions of state or local authorities in the formulation of policies, laws and regulations affecting the performance of obligations.

These Regulations are available: on the Event’s website,

In the organizers’ office at the Event. Amendments to the Regulations require that they be disclosed in the manner described in point 3 pairs VIII of the Regulations.
Order Service may issue their own security and fire safety instructions. in accordance with applicable law.
For non-compliance with the regulations, the organizer reserves the right to remove the driver and vehicle from the event area at the expense of the driver.

tow away a vehicle – PLN 300,

paid parking – 150 PLN / day.